What is worship?

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I have this old canvas tool bag in a closet that I have converted to a paint supply bag. It has my acrylics, some oil and watercolor paints, different sized brushes, tape… everything I need if the creativity bug hits me. I use this stuff pretty often, but the bag lives in the closet.

You see, the bag is in the closet because my little man Elliot, who’s almost three, loves to paint! No matter what he is doing whether it’s playing choo-choos, watching TV, eating… when he sees that bag it’s time to paint. So I have to hide it because if he saw it three times a day, he would want to paint three times a day!

Elliot loves to paint because he’s seen me do it. We do it together. We have fun. I teach him brush strokes and colors and brush grip. And most of his paintings turn out the same – a brown blob that eats through the paper. But we have so much fun! We could paint every day!

One day last week Elliot brought me a “special surprise”. He came running at me with a big ‘ole cheesy grin and his hands behind his back. Before he even got to me the threw his arms out in front of himself holding a drawing that he had done that day before nap. It was only a bunch of pen scribbles, but he explained where a plane was, Spencer the train (shoutout to Thomas and friends) and me!

I think this is a perfect picture of what worship should be. Worship isn’t just something we do on Sunday. It may or may not have anything to do with music. It may not be perfect. In fact, it shouldn’t be. All worship is, all that Elliot is trying to do, is use the gifts I’ve given him, things that I have taught him, to make things for me. Too often we think that worship has to be perfect or planned, but worship can be spontaneous, messy. It just has to be something that He gave us, skills or time or heart or materials, used for Him, as a gift for Him.

This week remember that worship doesn’t have to be this polished, perfect work of art, but is just a spontaneous overflow of what God has done for you. Remember that He has given you everything you need to worship Him. Remember Him. Then, just do!

Steve StoneWhat is worship?

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