Worship Typography

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In this weeks episode we talk about tips on lyrics that go on the screen! Big, small, bold, hand-drawn or Times New Roman: we cover it all! Listen in!

We’re talking typography.
  • The number one priority is readability.
  • Go to the next slide early enough for readability.
    • usually at the beginning of the last word of a slide.
  • Pick a font based on clarity and visibility from the back of the room.
  • Secondly, pick a font that communicated the mood.
  • Bold or uppercase only deity references, and not proper nouns (“God” is uppercase, but “i” is not).
  • Alpha-key module to lay lyrics on top of anything. ProPresenter has it.
  • Clean is sometimes better. Try sans serif fonts.
  • Pick the right amount of drop shadows (not too much, not too little).
  • Thicker fonts on harder-to-read/dimmer projectors.
  • Using a click track video
    • Click feeding to the band, but the video playing synced to the band.
    • Band or production booth triggering.
  • Making several videos for the verses and choruses, so you can sync pseudo-live lyrics, but video based.
  • Hand-drawing your lyrics and scanning them in is another really cool idea.
  • Red Giant Knoll unmult plugin cuts black out completely and turns it into transparency.
  • Finally, we discuss the Dancing Baby phenomenon!
Steve StoneWorship Typography

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