Where have we been?

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About a year ago, ChurchTechTalk took a hiatus. Honestly, while the hiatus itself was intentional, the duration was unintended. You see, a couple of us (not pointing any fingers) decided to up and move to California, another kid was born, and things just got busy. We still met every other week. We still encouraged one another and shared some laughs. But, we wanted to diligently plan out what was next for ChurchTechTalk. We thought about writing a book, curating a blog, sticking with a video podcast, segments, weekly, bi-weekly, multiple times a week… we wondered whether or not a podcast was even the right thing to do!

We decided on an audio format podcast that way it can be listened to (or half-listened to) while you’re doing anything. We decided on shorter, more focused episodes where we hone in on one or two specific, planned topics. We want to do more interviews with you guys in the trenches, and “leaders” in the community. And, ultimately, we want to have fun. We want ChurchTechTalk to not just be a few geeky, Christ-followers sitting around a table talking about gear, but an open dialog encompassing the entirety of Church (Big-C Church) Production-dom! We want to do this with you!

All that said, here is what the last year has taught us: we need to do this, even for our own sanity. And we hope you want to be apart of it!

Here is to a bigger table!

Steve StoneWhere have we been?

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