Transformational Set Design

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We talk about the limitations that we have to go through when thinking about a stage design. We try to take a modular, reusable approach to set designs for future thinking.

Here are some of our rules for our sets.

  1. Don’t tie it to a series.
  2. Has to be “light”, or “portable”. For us, this thing has to be able to fit into a truck, be carried by people, and hang from a ceiling.
  3. Has to be “cheap”. We don’t have a ton of money to spend on a set.


Here are some photos from the booth at our Middle School camp.

053_TransformationalSetDesign_Construction1 053_TransformationalSetDesign_Construction2 053_TransformationalSetDesign_Set1 053_TransformationalSetDesign_Set2 053_TransformationalSetDesign_Set3

Steve StoneTransformational Set Design

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