What is worship?

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I have this old canvas tool bag in a closet that I have converted to a paint supply bag. It has my acrylics, some oil and watercolor paints, different sized brushes, tape… everything I need if the creativity bug hits me. I use this stuff pretty often, but the bag lives in the closet. You see, the bag is in … Read More

Steve StoneWhat is worship?

The Most Important Decision Your Worship Team Will Make…

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I cringed as she grabbed the Samson wireless mic with the oversized red muff and stepped onto the stage. It’s had been about 6 months since she was last up there, so I guess she was due. As the background track began, I pushed myself back into the pew, put the death grip on the arm rest, and prepared myself … Read More

Jason ShreveThe Most Important Decision Your Worship Team Will Make…