Flattening out that penny

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The basics on compressing and limiting audio for live music When I was younger I remember placing an old penny on a railroad track and waiting for a train to come along and flatten and smooth it out into an oval shaped copper badge. Smooth on both sides and devoid of texture, it didn’t resemble the object it started as … Read More

Robert MaysFlattening out that penny

Dropping it low and working it up slow

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It’s a catchy song lyric that implies a bootylicious good time but it’s also a great way to approach the beginning stages of building a mix. We’ve all been in a sound check where the kick and snare felt like they were going to crush your skull, and the cymbals sound like an amplified band saw. Once the instruments are … Read More

Robert MaysDropping it low and working it up slow

Sketching a Mix

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Most artists use sketching as a method of recording or working out ideas. At first, a sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing, but with pass after pass the final product is achieved. Anyone that has taken an art class will know that a hand drawn picture cannot be laser printed nor can you achieve the final drawing with one … Read More

Robert MaysSketching a Mix