Switching and Routing

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Today we discuss the differences between video switchers, routers, and patch bays. Ahoy!

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There are pretty significant differences between a router and a switcher. A router, well, routes, where a switcher will route, but with dissolves, transitions, effects, place lyrics on top, etc.

Here are some other things we cover:

Our first switchers

When buying a switcher, you’ll need to look at

  • Inputs (how many, what type)
  • Outputs (Auxes, how many, what type)
  • MEs, which are Mix Effect layers. These allow you to add lyrics, transitions, and other cool things.

Then we just started throwing out acronyms – here is what we were talking about!

HDMI  is a consumer video cable that carries video, audio, copy-protection, device information and a few other things.
HDSDI  is a professional video cable that carries high quality video plus a ton of audio, and can be used to go long distances.
HDCP is copyright protection use to thwart piracy in HD video.
EDID  is the device information that a monitor/display sends back to your video card so your computer know what it’s sending to and can get proper resolutions, color, etc.

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Currently, both of our churches are using Ross switchers, which are higher end, but definitely recommend.

A router will act as a digital switchboard for a video system. It works great for routing things to multiple venues (auditorium, digital signage, video overflows, cafés, etc). It allows you to be crazy flexible.

A patchbay is the manual grandfather to the router. Same idea, just with wires instead of transistors.

If you want more information, check out this handy post written by Mankin Media Systems which can help you out!

Steve StoneSwitching and Routing

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