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Because we are a family, we feel we needed to be honest and give an honest look at how God is teaching us to take a fresh perspective on what we do! Listen and join in to share how God is teaching you.
For those interested, in this episode Dave skools us in BMX lore. We learned that ollie on a BMX is not a thing (it’s actually a bunny hop). He also makes mention of the Miami Hopper, which may or may not look something like this!

On a more serious note, Dave shares a time recently where conflict could have been handled differently, or Biblically.
Make sure you go directly to the person and to not call them out publicly, even if you’re in the right!

Jason shares about his recent trip to Bolivia where he met up with Stadia and Compassion to shoot some videos. He shares how it doesn’t take a video system, a mic, or even building to teach others about the love of God. We all know this, but oh how quickly we forget!

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