Nothing But the Blood of Jesus worship video

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The Andy Cherry version of the classic Nothing But the Blood can lead to an amazing worship moment especially if you use this video at the end of the song.  Cherry’s version has a bridge that proclaims, “The blood of Jesus is enough for me, the blood of Jesus is enough.”  Drop this video in ProPresenter after the last word slide & on the last “enough” start this video.  The music bed on the end powerfully moves under this simple but effective, hand drawn piece.  We came back after it and repeated the first verse again very slowly, accapella.  Very cool.  Hope it works for your worship moment like it did for ours.

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You can download them by clicking on the word “vimeo” in the player, then look for a “download” button underneath the player on Vimeo.
Steve StoneNothing But the Blood of Jesus worship video

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