How to make a series graphic

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In this episode of Church Tech Talk, we discuss how we go about making series graphics. We talk about tips and tricks we’ve learned, share sage wisdom and royalty-free graphics sites, and look at the underlying motives for the graphics themselves!

Some sites to check out:

And some thoughts!

  • First, hear what the pastor(s) want to communicate, not just the name of the series.
  • The graphic needs to be clear.
  • The simplest idea is usually the right one.
  • Like all projects, it can be cheap, fast, or good, but not all three
  • Combine ideas.
  • Find a person you trust that will give you honest feedback. Not overly critical, but not someone who is going to always agree with you. Include those people at varying points in the artwork.
  • think through all of the possible uses/locations of the art, and how it will communicate clearly in those spaces…
    • Large format printed (posters and such) – Thinner fonts sometimes work, has to stop a viewer in their tracks.
    • banner on a website – has to be catchy, match the feel of the site,
    • motion – the graphic has to be legible in idea even in motion
    • Screen on stage – Some churches have obstructions in front of their screens (guitars, drum sets, preachers, columns…),
  • Trust yourself – you are a graphic designer!
  • invested more time into series graphics because they generally have a longer shelf life, and are seen in longer doses.
  • Great art poses great questions.
Steve StoneHow to make a series graphic

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