Doing More to Do Less

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This week we talk about a couple of web integrations that can really make life easier. 

We’ve found two apps that that use the concept of “if this than that” workflows.

You can use these apps to connect your favorite internet apps and even some Internet of Things (IoT) app. For instance, if you create a new Reminder on your phone with Siri, it will automatically email you. Or, at 8:00 PM on every night turn on my porch light. Or, update my facebook whenever I post to Instagram.

We also mention a few IoT devices that you can connect with your zaps or recipes.

  • WeMo – connect any electronic device to the internet
  • Nest – the thermostat, smoke-alarm, or camera that is connected to the internet

I’m stoked about all of the things that this could lead to, but still cant think of a really good way this can get integrated into the local church. If you use it, please let us know!

Steve StoneDoing More to Do Less

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