Church Tech – land of limited budgets and unlimited pursuits.

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Walking down the church hallway with hands full of HD-SDI converters I passed a youth guy pushing a cart with an opaque projector on it.  Remember those things that project right through paper and are the size of a Volkswagen? Technology from today & antiques from the 60’s being employed side by side.  Only in the church.  And I say that a little pridefully!  Because we have some gear that enthusiasts drool over & some that businesses would have upgraded decades ago.  While we pine for the shiniest fresh device, we unabashadly rock whatever fits the job… and that’s the creativity that is birthed in the land of limited budgets & unlimited pursuits.  We are the ones that strive to put on Stomp, Blue Man & Cirque style shows on a shoestring…and pull it off.  We are the rebels that don’t sit around wishing for the day we can xyz, we go make it happen.

We’ve make light boards with a bunch of faders from home depot, created & synchronized three sources to playback one huge wall of video (before PVP!), got shots we were told were too difficult, pulled off effects we weren’t supposed to try… while others sat around and wished, we did.  We do.

Now, I can’t deny that the  “professional” way is more consistent and much, much easier, but sometimes it’s just not an option.  Maintaining a level of excellence for the people God puts in our seats, we strive to make the next level something we reach now.  So, go learn some tricks on the interwebs, don’t let your pride get in the way of your creativity, and don’t be afraid to do the extra hard work that makes it work.  Go ahead.  Blow our minds!

Forget budgets, forget reality, what’s the most audacious, crazy tech thing you’ve ever tried to pull off?

Jason ShreveChurch Tech – land of limited budgets and unlimited pursuits.

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