When or when not to Update

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Learn from some of our experience on when or when not to update your church tech devices. Read More

Steve StoneWhen or when not to Update

The Power of the Laugh

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Welcome back fellow Gurus. In this episode we talk about using laugher in your services to engage and connect with your folks!Read More

Steve StoneThe Power of the Laugh

No don’t pick that color!

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In this episode we chat with lighting guru Ryan Peterson, Lighting and Media designer at Northeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY. Read More

Steve StoneNo don’t pick that color!

Todd Elliott

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Welcome back to Church Tech Talk. In this episode we talk with Todd Elliott, who is pretty much a church tech ninja.

Read More

Steve StoneTodd Elliott

Pimping Your Presentation

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Whoa! It’s been another week! This week we talk about the software and ideas that we use for our churches.

Presentation software
We all use Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter. Here are a few quick tips to check out:

  • Cmd+Shift+V – Paste with style. Use this to paste in text into ProPresenter and match the current style of the slide, not the style of the copied text. You’re welcome!
  • Cmd+Option+Enter – Create a second slide here… Does exactly that! Right there a new slide is created with the text below on a brand-spankin’ new slide.
  • Dragging a video directly from Finder to the list will create a video with a play button, so you won’t accidentally click and play the video!

We have toyed around with other presentations, some of which have some really cool features and are definitely worth looking into (all except PowerPoint!).

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Steve StonePimping Your Presentation