System Upgrades with a Purpose

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Steve StoneSystem Upgrades with a Purpose

You Can’t, You Won’t, You Don’t Stop Learning

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In this episode we talk about what it means to be a learner. Here at Church Tech Talk, we can’t get enough of it. We love learning new technologies, new ways to lead, new ways to think about God, and ways to be better followers of Jesus. But, what we’ve realized is the key to learning is that you can’t do it alone. We challenge each other.

Steve StoneYou Can’t, You Won’t, You Don’t Stop Learning

How to Deal with the Junk You Can’t Control

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In this weeks episode we talk about control, and probably more importantly, non-control. Serving at a church (and really anywhere!) requires a give and take to reach a common goal. And, we relate the tech side of this with the techie side of this. Enjoy!

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Steve StoneHow to Deal with the Junk You Can’t Control

Graphics Super Star Kasey Allen

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We talk with our good friend and Church Tech Talk member Kasey Allen, who has since moved to California to be a freelance motion graphics designer (check out We talk to him about his creative process, what things are different between the “real world” and churches, and what he’s learning right now!

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Steve StoneGraphics Super Star Kasey Allen

We’re Talking to Brad Freakin’ Zimmerman

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This week we talk with Brad Zimmerman; long time friend and fellow church tech guru. We catch up on some of the crazy projects he’s doing at his home church, Watermark in Grand Haven, Michigan. We cover a wide range, from Behringer’s X32 console, to custom drum enclosures, to copyright for podcasting! Join in!Read More

Steve StoneWe’re Talking to Brad Freakin’ Zimmerman