Crossing The Line

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In this episode we talk about the imaginary, yet very real line between church tech being effective or showy. Listen in and join the conversation on Twitter @churchtechtalk or in the comments below. We’d love to hear.

Steve StoneCrossing The Line

What Does a Video Director Do?

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We get super practical this week, talking about the position in the video room known as the “video director’. What does this mysterious job really supposed to do (and not do)? How should they be calling their camera shots? And how many gummy bears can they consume during one service? Find out most of these answers by listening in!

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Steve StoneWhat Does a Video Director Do?

4 Things We’d Do If We Did It All Over Again

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Welcome back folks!

In this week’s episode we discuss what are the most important things we’ve learned in our years of doing church tech ministry. If you’re new in your role, listen up! If you’ve been at it a while, chime in and tell us your big thing!

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Steve Stone4 Things We’d Do If We Did It All Over Again

Alpha Keys and How You Use Them

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In this weeks episode we answer another question from one of our amazing listeners, Fred Saurmann, found here. He asks,

Random question; how do you use the alpha keyer module in your events? We’re new to it.


Well, Fred, here is not only the “how”, but the “why” and the “what the heck is it”! Enjoy!

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Steve StoneAlpha Keys and How You Use Them

Should You Upgrade to 4k

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In this weeks episode we go through to the mailbox an answer a question from Twitter:

Planning upgrade from SD video. Should we consider building out to support 4k?@tadarnold

If you have a question, feel free to contact us via the contact page, email us at, or send us a tweet @churchtechtalk – We’d love to answer your question on the show!

Thanks for listening!

Steve StoneShould You Upgrade to 4k