Tech with a Heartbeat

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In the fourth episode of Church Tech Talk we talk about when and why you should use tech!

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Steve StoneTech with a Heartbeat

LED Strip Tape

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This week we talk about LED Strip tape. What is that you ask? It’s inexpensive, water-resistant multi-colored, DMX-controlled LED tape that sticks to almost anything. Learn how we’re using it to create a low-res video wall!

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Steve StoneLED Strip Tape

Who Is Jonathan Malm

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In this week’s episode of Church Tech Talk, we interview our friend Jonathan Malm, creator and curator of Church Stage Design Ideas and Sunday|Mag among a host of other digital domains. Read More

Steve StoneWho Is Jonathan Malm

We’re Back

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After a hiatus of nearly two-years, we’re back. But, we didn’t stop meeting. We just didn’t hit record. Listen here to find out what we were doing and our plan for the future!

Steve StoneWe’re Back