Doing More to Do Less

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This week we talk about a couple of web integrations that can really make life easier. Read More

Steve StoneDoing More to Do Less

Flannelgraphs of the 24th Century

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This week we talk about how Steve used an interesting method to teach a bunch of middle schoolers about the demon-possessed man.

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Steve StoneFlannelgraphs of the 24th Century

Transformational Set Design

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We talk about the limitations that we have to go through when thinking about a stage design. We try to take a modular, reusable approach to set designs for future thinking.

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Steve StoneTransformational Set Design


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Welcome back! In this weeks episode we soar into talking about drones (of the camera variety). Check it out!

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Steve StoneDrones

Setting The Stage

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In this episode we talk about our schedule and philosophy behind our stage design and implementation. Listen in!Read More

Steve StoneSetting The Stage