Church Tech – land of limited budgets and unlimited pursuits.

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Walking down the church hallway with hands full of HD-SDI converters I passed a youth guy pushing a cart with an opaque projector on it.  Remember those things that project right through paper and are the size of a Volkswagen? Technology from today & antiques from the 60’s being employed side by side.  Only in the church.  And I say that a … Read More

Jason ShreveChurch Tech – land of limited budgets and unlimited pursuits.

Where have we been?

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About a year ago, ChurchTechTalk took a hiatus. Honestly, while the hiatus itself was intentional, the duration was unintended. You see, a couple of us (not pointing any fingers) decided to up and move to California, another kid was born, and things just got busy. We still met every other week. We still encouraged one another and shared some laughs. But, … Read More

Steve StoneWhere have we been?