Camera Cheat Card, plus free Illustrator file

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We do things just a little different at Southeast Student ministry, namely in that almost all of our production is handled by the students. Junior Highers and High Schoolers They run the graphics. They run the lyrics. They run cameras, lights, the switcher, direct and even produce. All of this means that part of my team’s job is to train … Read More

Steve StoneCamera Cheat Card, plus free Illustrator file

Sketching a Mix

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Most artists use sketching as a method of recording or working out ideas. At first, a sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing, but with pass after pass the final product is achieved. Anyone that has taken an art class will know that a hand drawn picture cannot be laser printed nor can you achieve the final drawing with one … Read More

Robert MaysSketching a Mix

What is worship?

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I have this old canvas tool bag in a closet that I have converted to a paint supply bag. It has my acrylics, some oil and watercolor paints, different sized brushes, tape… everything I need if the creativity bug hits me. I use this stuff pretty often, but the bag lives in the closet. You see, the bag is in … Read More

Steve StoneWhat is worship?

MIDI in ProVideoPlayer 2: Free Template

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So you’ve already ready my previous two posts, you’ve bought a Korg nanoKontrol2, you’ve remapped all the MIDI Controls to Notes, and set up PVP2 to respond to everything properly, but you’ve realized that it’s going to be hard to either remember all of the cool buttons you’ve made on the fly, or train a host of volunteers. Man, wouldn’t … Read More

Steve StoneMIDI in ProVideoPlayer 2: Free Template