Once you go Mac, you never go back

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I wasn’t always an Apple fanboy. I have grown up around Macs and PCs; in elementary school I can remember playing >Number Munchers and Oregon Trail on an Apple IIe  I can remember seeing Apple Macintoshes on teachers’ desks in middle school, which is when I got my first 386. I remember learning Hypercard and Adobe Premiere on “flavored” iMacs and those stupid hockey puck mice. I disliked Apple. This … Read More

Steve StoneOnce you go Mac, you never go back

Free Paint Textures

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What you’re looking at is 14 high resolution scans of paint drippings, splatters, sprinkles, and smears. My wife and I created these in our kitchen a few years ago, and I’ve got to be honest, I’ve used these a ton in my artwork to breath just a little more life and color. Just drop them on top of your artwork … Read More

Steve StoneFree Paint Textures

Dropping it low and working it up slow

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It’s a catchy song lyric that implies a bootylicious good time but it’s also a great way to approach the beginning stages of building a mix. We’ve all been in a sound check where the kick and snare felt like they were going to crush your skull, and the cymbals sound like an amplified band saw. Once the instruments are … Read More

Robert MaysDropping it low and working it up slow

DMX LED Strip Wall

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Lately I’ve been diving into LED Strip lighting. What is that? Well, I’m talking about LED lights that come in long strips, usually about 5 meters. They are cuttable every three inches or so, and are controlled as one light, capable of being any combination of red, green, and blue. They come with a silicon casing which transfers the light … Read More

Steve StoneDMX LED Strip Wall