On “Not being seen”

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When I first started doing tech in church there was a mantra that we used. We didn’t want anything we did  to distract so we used to say that the point of what we did was to “not be seen”. We wanted to be behind the scenes, which I think a lot of us mistook for being “behind the seens”. … Read More

Steve StoneOn “Not being seen”

5 Potential Uses for a Raspberry Pi in Church Tech

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A Raspberry Pi is basically a $35 computer the size of a credit card. It’s not incredibly powerful or pretty, but it’s made to do small computing tasks hidden away. I’ve seen tutorials from creating homemade AppleTVs and controlling Lego robots, to hosting websites and creating supercomputers. That being said, I thought i would put together a list of things that … Read More

Steve Stone5 Potential Uses for a Raspberry Pi in Church Tech

More Free Paint Textures

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What you’re looking at is 3 really high resolution scans of painting. My wife and I took our boys (Elliot, 2 years-old, Oliver, not yet 1 year-old) outside and let them smear paint around on some canvas. We later turned them into Mother’s day paintings for grandmothers, but before we wrote on them I scanned them in to use in some of … Read More

Steve StoneMore Free Paint Textures

Flattening out that penny

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The basics on compressing and limiting audio for live music When I was younger I remember placing an old penny on a railroad track and waiting for a train to come along and flatten and smooth it out into an oval shaped copper badge. Smooth on both sides and devoid of texture, it didn’t resemble the object it started as … Read More

Robert MaysFlattening out that penny