Understanding the Pen Tool

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Most drawing applications today have some sort of “pen” tool. This tool is hard to pick up and start using because it doesn’t draw like a brush tool (click and drag to paint). It can work like the Polygon Lasso tool in Photoshop (click points to draw a polygon), but as soon as you click and drag the results can … Read More

Steve StoneUnderstanding the Pen Tool

Mark It Red

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We have a tape system at church. No, not this kind of tape system. We have an electrical tape system that helps us to identify cables, the attributes of the cables, and the state in which they are in. The benefit is that from a distance you can tell if a cable is good or bad, and close up you … Read More

Steve StoneMark It Red

3 New Adobe CC Apps that Rock

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Adobe has done a lot of things over the years. Some have been monumental, others have been cool but rather useless. That said, I think that with the new direction of Adobe CC, things are going in a whole new, wonderful direction. And to kick it off, Adobe has updated or created 3 free apps for your phone that make … Read More

Steve Stone3 New Adobe CC Apps that Rock

6 Tips To Help You Lead Your Tech Team

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I don’t claim to be the best at dealing with volunteers. I’m pretty introverted, I don’t send weekly emails and thank-you notes (though I should), I make a lot of mistakes, and I am terrible at scheduling. However there are a few things that I have learned to make up for some of my faults. Hopefully these tips can help … Read More

Steve Stone6 Tips To Help You Lead Your Tech Team

30 Days of Shift

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Shift Worship is a church visual media company that has been putting out great media for years. But earlier this year they decided to make something that I think will pave the way for the future of church media, specifically motion backgrounds. It’s an app that lets you to make motion backgrounds right from your phone! Rather than sit here and … Read More

Steve Stone30 Days of Shift