7 Tools to Help the Visual Thinker

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Have you ever been out at a coffee shop, trying to explain a difficult concept or brainstorm and wish you could just whip out a white-board? Well, now you can, thanks to Noteboard, the foldable whiteboard. It folds down to the size of a 3″x5” card, One side is blank, the other has grids (inches and centimeters) as well as a hex pattern. It comes with a black whiteboard marker and a carry case, which also doubles as an eraser! They retail for $12 (not including shipping).

MC Squares


These little 11” square whiteboards are packed with features. The front is actually a piece of clear plastic that clicks on so you can place any piece of paper as a template inside (football field, room assignments, venn-diagram, you name it!). The back is mostly hollow for you to store markers and a small eraser. It also houses strong little magnets that you can clip to the included grid, mounted to the wall. You can then place as many of these boards in your room to customize the size of your whiteboard. We’ve thought about buying these for our student ministry small group rooms. Students or leaders can just grad one off the wall and get to teaching, and even grab a template to use that week that has been printed for the message! These are currently being fulfilled as a Kickstarter but preorders start at $60 each.

Giant Post-It Notes


Because we don’t have MC Squares in our student rooms, we have these guys, and they are awesome. Before their group starts, leaders can pick up a pad and diagram anything. The cardboard back lets them write on their lap, or you can rip off a sheet and stick it to the wall! Our walls are littered with these and it’s so much fun to see the direction that groups take in their discussions throughout the weeks! They retail for $32 for 2 30-sheet pads (although we buy an off-brand that is cheaper that I can’t seem to find on the internet).

NEOPlex Personal Marker Board


I haven’t used these but they look cool! It’s a pack of 30 personal 8.5″x11” dry erase boards. I remember having something like this in my high school physics class, where we would write out our groups findings as we found them and then present them to the class using our whiteboards. Super cool. And, for about $1 a piece, it’s a good deal. ($29.99 for a pack of 30)

Gowrite Dry Erase Rolls


A few years ago Dave and I were using tons of paper to share ideas visually across a desk (we share a center desk). We realized that it was terribly wasteful, so we did a quick google search and found this stuff! It is whiteboard sticker that comes in rolls. We peel off a section and stick it to the desk and wallah – A whiteboard desk! I usually buy the 20”x18’, so we get some milage out of it. It stick really well to laminated desks (does not stick to wood or dry-wall). We usually leave it there for 8-10 months before we replace it (mind that we can’t keep drinks on it, since it is paper based). The roll that I buy is less that $18 on Amazon.

Magic whiteboard



We have used a different brand of these that I can’t seem to find, but the idea is it’s a whiteboard that can attach to any smooth surface using static electricity! If you are at a coffee shop or a retreat cabin you can simply fling one of these bad boys on the wall and you’ve got an instant whiteboard.
You can also use smaller chunks to move around. Because they are static they can slide around smooth surfaces. So, when we do rooming assignments or leader assignments, every student gets a little static-white-board strip, then we can slide them around into “rooms” or “buses” or what-have-you! Prices vary based on size, color and quantity.


This isn’t a whiteboard per-se, but a collaborative whiteboard app. Simply point your phone’s camera at a whiteboard, draw some triangles in the corners that the app can see and then hit “launch”. It will change the perspective to fill the screen. Others will be able to subscribe to the board you’re working on. When you step out of the way of the whiteboard, it refreshes the session. You can take pictures of your board and upload them to dropbox just by placing your hand in front of the camera! It’s still in development, and I can’t find a price tag, but looks super cool and I’m excited to give it a try!

Steve Stone7 Tools to Help the Visual Thinker

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