30 Days of Shift

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Shift Worship is a church visual media company that has been putting out great media for years. But earlier this year they decided to make something that I think will pave the way for the future of church media, specifically motion backgrounds. It’s an app that lets you to make motion backgrounds right from your phone! Rather than sit here and try and explain it to you, watch this video!


After seeing this, I was intrigued. I bought the app ($0.99) and all of the built in media (total of around $10) and I was on my way. Now, I’ve made lots of motion graphics before (and even sell some), but I’ve always used After Effects or other expensive software. When making these graphics you have to start from scratch, and some of these may require premium plugins, and creating 30 or so unique backgrounds would take me a month of solid work. I was interested to see how this process might be better, so I came up with the idea of doing 30 Days of Shift.

Being an artist, I needed to set some rules so that I could grow. Setting limits helps to me find internal limitations and forces creativity, which is exactly what I wanted. So here are the rules:

  1. Had to use the Shift app. I know this sounds obvious, but it’s a rule… don’t judge!
  2. I can use other apps to effect the photos before Shift.
  3. I wanted all mine to be videos and images (a setting in Shift).
  4. I had to use only my phone. No sending it to Photoshop on my Mac. I had to figure out how to do what I wanted using Apps.
  5. No downloading pictures. They have to be originals taken by me.
  6. I have to post everyday, even if the graphic is terrible. This forces two things: 1) I have to eventually give up on a graphic because I have a deadline and 2) when others favorite a graphic on twitter I can see what others think about what I am doing. (I ended up breaking this rule twice. Once for a student overnighter and another time when I got terribly sick.)

So, I set out on my month-long creative journey and started posting. Here is what I learned:

I learned how to use some really cool apps

  1. Mirrorgram (now – SparkMode) An app to mirror images. Think like a customizable kaleidoscope.
  2. VSCO Cam – A photo color correction app. Gives you some really popular looks.
  3. Union – An app that works kind of like Photoshop in that you can have two layers and apply a blending mode to the top layer. You can also cut things out.
  4. Fragment – This app is cool in that you can apply fragmented versions of your picture on top of itself. You’ll have to play with it to really know what I mean though.
  5. Beautiful Mosaic – This app is mainly for all types of pixelation looks. I used it some for creating geometric overlays. It’s pretty hard to use and ugly-as-all-get-out, but the cheapest, most-versitle app I found that does this.
  6. Mextures – I found I kept using this app for almost anything. Apply light leaks, grain, emulsion, flares and gradients. It’s really worth all it’s cracked up to!
  7. Shift – Everything went through here because, well, it was a rule. Also, I couldn’t find another app that does what this does.

It forces me to look at the world I was in

Everywhere I went I looked for the beauty in everything: carpet, air ducts, trees and clouds, panes of glass, wood grain… everything! Which is cool because it made me think more, as I was creating, about the Creator. Even though I know God didn’t necessarily come down from heaven to create a wood-paneled wall, I do know that He had something to do with that wood growing up as a tree, making it’s way to here, creating the lighting and atmosphere in this room, giving me a phone in a time where I could do this and a really cool app, and breath in my lungs, and placing me in this location at this moment, and helping me to see what I see and think the thinks I think! Because God is awesome! Where I used to not see God, now I was. And for me, a $0.99 app is totally worth that!

Now what?

Well, now my 30 days is up. I just so happen to have 30 videos and 30 stills that might be worth something. So, we’re going to give them away here on Church Tech Talk.


Download all 30 motion backgrounds  761.2 MB

Also, I challenge you to do you’re own 30 days of Shift. It will not only change you’re perspective on God but it will also give you a ton of new backgrounds for you to use in service!

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