3 New Adobe CC Apps that Rock

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Adobe has done a lot of things over the years. Some have been monumental, others have been cool but rather useless. That said, I think that with the new direction of Adobe CC, things are going in a whole new, wonderful direction. And to kick it off, Adobe has updated or created 3 free apps for your phone that make working on your computer a whole lot easier!


1. Adobe Color CC

Formerly Adobe Kuler (I think it was pronounced “cooler”), Adobe Color is essentially a glorified color wheel on the web, but so much more interactive! Kuler lets you use specific colors, play with them, and make color palettes (called themes) that work nice together. Once you make a theme that you like, you can save it for later use with a free account. You can them use these color theme in anything (web design, graphics, videos, even base paint swatches for your house off of them).
While Adobe Kuler has been around for a few years, about a year or so ago they release the Adobe Kuler app for the phone. This brought the incredible functionality of being able to pick color themes from your surroundings using your phone’s camera in real-time! That in itself is fun and very inspiring!
But recently, the Adobe Team has brought the ability to save these themes to your Library attached to your Adobe CC account! Now, instantaneously you can find themes from your surrounding, take a picture with your phone and watch it pop right into Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator in seconds! And, it’s free with your Adobe CC subscription!


2. Adobe Shape CC

With Adobe Shape you can do the simple but common task of live tracing (in Illustrator) from your phone in real time. Live Tracing is the technic of vectorizing a raster image. You’d use this to make a hand-drawing scalable to the size of a building without losing quality, for instance. With the new Abode Shape CC, it’s ridiculously easy now! Simply open the app, take the picture, and wallah! The live traced design is a vectorized element that you can drop right into Illustrator! And like Color CC, it’s free, but with an Adobe CC subscription it plops right into your Adobe apps!


3. Adobe Brush CC

Brushes take Photoshop to a whole new level. But making your own has always been a little tedious, especially brushes based on real objects that need to be photographed. You’d have to take the picture, import it in, place it into Photoshop, color correct it, define it as a brush and then you could use it in the art your creating.
Adobe Brush CC allows you to take a picture with your phone, adjust levels, mask out unwanted areas, play with the brush’s sensitivity, pressure, spacing, jitter, size and a ton of other options depending on the app your going into. When your done, hit save and the new brush automatically appears into your Adobe CC app of choice!

Steve Stone3 New Adobe CC Apps that Rock

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